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What is Jools?

Introducing the new generation of super healthy drinks with Pearls of Goodness inside: Jools drinks!

Awaken your senses with a thirst quenching splash of fruit juice and spring water, combined with delicious pearls filled with super-fruit juices and rich in vitamins. Our pearls are made from seaweed grown in the Pacific Ocean and are rich in vitamins and nutrients. That’s what we call the PEARL-FECT taste experience.

Discover our delicious range that combines the crisp flavour of green apple with lychee, tropical mango with acerola cherry and the seductive power of cranberry with açai.

Bursting with natural goodness… Bonjools!

The Pearl Technology

The Shell

Our pearls are made from edible seaweed grown in the fresh and magnificent waters of the Pacific Ocean.

The Inner Core

Each pearl, created through a unique, delicate process called spherification. They are filled with fruit juices rich in nutrients and vitamins.

The Pearl

Why is this good? Well, the key nutrients from the juices are protected and the pearls are delivered unspoiled; you can enjoy many different flavour combinations in one drink – that makes it a lot more fun!

Learn more about the Pearl Technology 

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