Jools Review 2

Tessa Rossel Reviews Jools’ Super Healthy Drinks

I think when cooled they’re very refreshing, especially with summer. They’re the perfect drink to bring to the beach to cool down and a good size to put in your bag. The pearls are really surprising at first but add a playful touch to a healthy drink. Really love that it’s so healthy, especially with all the vitamins. I like the taste of the pearls, it takes a bit of getting used to if you haven’t had some kind of bubble tea before but really tasty.

Flavours are quite nice, mango is a bit too sweet for me but perfect for people that have a bit of a sweet tooth. Apple is my absolute favourite taste-wise! The juice is really healthy for you and although I don’t like drinking it on it’s own, I can definitely appreciate it blended with the apple and it would make me drink green tea more. The liquid is very smooth, it’s not like those thick smoothies you sometimes get. Jools is absolutely a fun way to get your vitamins in and having a tasty drink along the way.

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