The Floating Pearls Technology

So, how do the pearls float inside Jools drinks?

A famous British band said “It’s a kind of magic” and we think this is very true, however if you really want to know how the magic happens… the answer lays on combining natural ingredients in a unique way! The Jools way!

Jools drinks are composed of 2 parts: the liquid and the Pearls of Goodness.

The Jools liquid has been stabilised using natural thickeners (xanthan gum, locust bean gum) extracted from the seeds of carob trees, that are common in the Mediterranean region.

The Jools Pearls of Goodness can float simply because they contain natural vegetable oil that makes them lighter than the liquid. This allows our pearls to float whilst keeping all the goodness and health benefits inside intact.

This is the Jools natural healthy fun way!