Our Story

We are Jools and we are here to surprise the world with fun and healthy taste experiences.

The concept of Jools was born in 2012, during a trip to South East Asia: combining different flavours in a unique way to have a “wow” taste experience. Wow – we love this word because it was the first reaction our friends had when we told them about our idea.

After 2 years of hard work we came up with our unique Jools Pearl Technology®. In November 2014, we launched the first range of Jools healthy drinks to bring fun and playfulness in the “good for you” food and beverage category.

And guess the first reaction of consumers trying our drink? WOW – Again!

Our consumers keep telling us that Jools make them feeling good and happy when they drink it. We believe that a heathier world is a happier world, especially when you can enjoy it your own way!

That’s how Jools started and why we are so proud of it everyday.

But what about our pearls…?

Our Pearls of Goodness are made from edible seaweed grown in the Pacific Ocean. We have spent a long time carefully developing our unique Jools Pearls Technology® called spherification that allows the juices, vitamins and all things good to keep intact, until you pop them in your mouth. What makes our Pearls of Goodness so unique and exciting is that we can use them not only in drinks, but to enhance your food experience. Our pearls not only capture flavours they also add visual fascination: imagine our delicious blueberry pearls in your breakfast muffin, or spicy wasabi pearls on your lunchtime sushi… or even our lime pearls in an evening cocktail!

What a delicious PEARL-FECT taste experience!!!

Award Winning

Our groundbreaking technology has been successful since 2014.

These are some of the 15 awards Jools® has achieved so far:

We have scooped up Best New Product and Packaging at IFE, won the Drinkpreneur 2014 Award as Best New Beverage and were a finalist in Best New Drink Natural Products Show.

Jools® has also been shortlisted as Snacking D’Or Award.

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